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Eating for Zimbabwe

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Greens with spicy peanut sauce

Greens with spicy peanut sauce

We had a Zimbabwean feast Friday night at an informal benefit dinner to raise money for Ancient Ways, a local non-profit that supports education and development projects in the economically ravaged country. The meal, prepared by Chef Intaba of Fireworks Restaurant and a corps of volunteered, featured spicy stewed chicken and lamb, downy sweet potato rolls and most memorably, a brilliant collard greens with dish bathed in a light, tangy peanut sauce (the Zimbabwe name escapes me, but it began with an “m.”) I hope to recreate it. Maybe use the recipe for the “Cooked Greens Zimbabwe Style” found in this book?

There was lovely live Zimbabwean music, too, though I have to say they must have been the whitest African music band (see below). Oh well, such is life in Oregon.

The whitest African marimba band.

The whitest Zimbabwean marimba band.

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March 2, 2009 at 1:37 am

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