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What’s So Great About Ikea (Besides the Prices)?

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Photo of Ikea in Red Hook, Brooklyn/Flickr Creative Commons/Listen Missy!

 Today I shopped at Ikea for the second time in my life. I almost wish I hadn’t stopped there after dropping my parents at the Portland Airport. But that adjacent towering yellow and blue sign beckoned. I just find it to be a headache-inducing place that urges you to buy way more cheap made-in-China crap than you need. But their prices can’t be beat.

Ikea is also sparsely staffed and a confusing maze to new customers. I spent forever measuring out components for a mirrored-bathroom cabinet, only to learn when I went to fetch the pieces from the self-serve area that those mirrored were discontinued.

But you don’t want to come home empty-handed after wasting your time there. I was also bothered by the layout of the Ikea store, which forces you to walk through different showroom areas (living room, media storage) on your way to the exit just to convince you to buy items you didn’t know you needed.

Am I being too harsh? The $1 Swedish meatballs and 50-cent beef hot dogs served at the Ikea snack bar are a bargain lunch. And of course both of my second-hand couches originally came from Ikea. I just didn’t have to go through the trouble myself to get them.

Do you avoid Ikea or deck out your apartments and houses with their loot?

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December 4, 2008 at 3:38 am

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